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15-19 Count Shrimp:  $22.00/pound + tax

20-30 Count Shrimp: $20.00/pound + tax

31-40 Count Shrimp:  $18.00/pound + tax

Insulated Bag:  $5.00 + tax

Fish Bait:  $6.00/pound + tax

Informational Tours:

Basic tour of the farm offering a behind the scenes look at how we raise shrimp in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.  Tours typically last around 30 minutes.  

     $5.00 per person 

children under 12 are free

Technical Tours:

An in-depth tour of the farm for those interested in aquaculture and shrimp production.  This tour is designed for those interested in entering the industry.  Tours last between 1-2 hours with Q&A at the end.  Must be scheduled in advance.

$200.00 for up to 6 people

Gift Certificates Available


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