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Triple J Farms offers fresh Pacific White Shrimp.

Our goal is to supply the St.Louis area with the freshest,cleanest, and highest quality shrimp available.

  Our shrimp are domestically sourced from St. James City, Florida and locally grown in Foristell, Missouri.

We raise our shrimp in a sustainable salt water environment without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Raised Here - Sold Here

Over 90% of all shrimp consumed in the United States are imported. 

Of that amount, around 2% is inspected. 

Of the amount that is inspected, around 60% is rejected.  

We take pride in offering an alternative.

Our shrimp are raised using only 4 simple things:


Simple Syrup

A Probiotic

Baking Soda

Our shrimp are harvested as soon as a customer places an order. 

They are sold whole and live.  We package them in 1 pound bags and put them on ice. 

We highly recommend eating them fresh and cooking them with the heads on, it adds sweetness and flavor to the shrimp.

A normal dinner sized serving contains:

96 calories

0.5 grams of fat

22 grams of protein 

If you're looking for a clean source of protein that is sustainably raised and delicious, come check us out!

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